Black money: Politicians, govt officials to swear clean

In new measures proposed to curb generation of illicit funds, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money has recommended that poll candidates and senior bureaucrats should give affidavits declaring they do not hold illegal assets abroad.

The high-powered panel has made these suggestions to the government as part of its new recommendations on the subject after deliberations amongst various investigative and enforcement agencies including suggestions received from various other quarters. The panel, sources said, has also recommended that in order to set a good example of transparency in public life, officials holding constitutional posts should also be asked to file such undertakings which could be emulated by others.

The recommendations also include that as the conduct of elections <g data-gr-id="13">witness</g> a huge flow of black money in the country, all candidates taking the electoral plunge should sign an affidavit saying while they do not hold illegal assets, they would also keep away from such practises during the polls process.

Sources indicated that the SIT has found these suggestions to be lacking in the present scheme of things and has recommended to the government that appropriate amendments in respective laws or a set of fresh directives could be issued for launching these measures.

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