BJP’s dismal minority report in UP

He even pleaded with them to vote for BJP. ‘Try us once. If we don’t live up to your expectations, don’t look at us ever again.’ But many leaders are questioning the party’s stand towards Muslims voters especially in Uttar Pradesh which consists of maximum number of 80 seats.

The reason is: So far the BJP has announced 70 candidates out of 80 from Uttar Pradesh and none of them are Muslims candidates. In Uttar Pradesh, nearly 30 per cent of Muslim votes play a very significant part for any party trying to form the government.

But surprisingly, the party has not fielded, so far, a single Muslim candidate, probably knowing they will not get enough votes considering the BJP’s ‘Hindutva’ ideology and hidden agenda over the temple issue in Ayodhya.

Even its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi himself failed to portray a ‘pro-Muslim’ image through his much hyped chai pe charcha aimed at connecting with the maximum number of people across the nation.

However, political experts feel that the BJP is aware of the fact that they will not get much of the Muslim vote share despite the party president’s pleas and now they are banking on the combination of upper caste vote consolidation with non-Yadav OBCs.

BJP leader Amit Shah claimed to have done a decent job in candidate selection as general secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh. But he knows that his image after the ‘fake encounter case’ in Gujarat will take some more time to go. Therefore he has decided to go for non-Muslim candidates in the Uttar Pradesh and fielded 15 Brahmins, 12 Thakurs, 26 OBCs and 15 Dalits in 70 seats announced so far.

The party has projected Kalyan Singh, who is a major factor among the non-Yadav OBCs. This was the same combination that helped the party in the 1990s to bring them to power in Uttar Pradesh.
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