BJP's Arun Jaitley calls Manmohan Singh's tenure as Indian PM a 'wasted opportunity'

The Prime Minister's words did not add to the dignity of the high office he holds, it said.

Attacking Singh for not taking steps to curb inflation, corruption and not create employment oppotunities during his 10 years of prime ministership, leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley termed his tenure as a 'wasted opportunity' and accused him of not providing any direction to a developing society like India.

BJP president Rajnath Singh while condemning the remarks also said that the Prime Minister had admitted to the dual power centre that existed in the UPA government, a contention that the saffron party has been making for quite some time.

'The use of such language against Narendra Modi does not add to the dignity of Prime Minister's office. The dirty tricks department of the Congress party has carried out certain tricks against Narendra Modi. If the dirty tricks department used such language, it was understandable. I am sure the Prime Minister of India is not a party of that dirty tricks department,' Jaitley said.

Rajnath Singh said that the Prime Minister has accepted that the next government is not going to be that of UPA and that is why is has opted himself out for a third term.

'I condemn this statement(on Modi) of the Prime Minister. It is very unfortunate that the Prime Minister is saying this even when the SIT and court have given him a clean chit,' he said.

The BJP chief said it was 'laughable' to make such a statement even when Modi as chief minister has presented Gujarat as a model state in the country through the development work initiated by him there.

'It is a laughable statement to say that he should not be the Prime Minister as during his tenure riots have taken place in Gujarat. Modi in his tenure as chief minister has presented Gujarat as a model of development and a model state in the country,' he said.

'Whatever has happened in 2002 is unfortunate and painful,' he added.

Jaitley hit out at the Prime Minister for using the logic of 2009 Congress victory to brush aside charges of corruption during UPA 1 and said this can be used as a logic by criminals after they win elections.

He said Singh's government has failed to deliver on its promise of curbing corruption and inflation and increasing employment opportunities.

'He ( PM) manufactured a new logic. This new logic that electoral sanction of a corrupt government wipes out the allegations of corruption ... The logic of Manmohan Singh can be used by criminals also when they win elections. There is anger in society that criminals are entering politics,' he said.

With its failure to tackle corruption, mounting inflation and unemployment, the government has prepared a 'perfect recipe for disaster,' he said.

Reacting to the statements made by the Prime Minister during his press conference, Rajnath Singh said he has admitted that his government has failed to control rising prices and corruption and could not create enough employment opportunities.

'Instead of listing out his achievements, the Prime Minister has instead listed out the failures... This government has proved a failure on all fronts. The Prime Minister has admitted that there is a dual power centre...

'The Prime Minister has tried to justify whatever BJP has been saying that due to dual power centre you cannot expect anything good from this government. That the freedom to take decisions has been completely eroded,' he said.

Lamenting that the Prime Minister did not talk about national security during his press conference, he said this government has also proved a 'failure' on the issue of internal and external security.

The BJP president said it was 'laughable' to say that UPA has done better than NDA and claimed that India had become current-account deficit, growth rate had reduced and economic disparity had increased and employment opportunities had reduced during this government.
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