BJP says growth rate has fallen after UPA came into power

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday refuted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s contention  that when Congress-led UPA came to power in 2004, it inherited a glass which was half-empty, here on Thursday. BJP cited GDP growth figures to claim that the glass was full to the brim in 2004 and Congress-led UPA is responsible for the dismal economic situation prevalent today. 'We  all are aware that when NDA government went out of power in 2004, growth rate of the country was 8.4% and inflation rate was 3.77 percent. Today, growth rate is around 5% and inflation rate  is 7-7.5% despite meager decline in it,' said BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi.

Countering the government's and Congress’ allegations that the NDA has been an irresponsible and disruptive opposition, BJP said the Manmohan Singh dispensation is not keen on passing the Food Security and Land Acquisition bills and instead trying to put the blame on it. The main opposition also picked holes in the UPA report card on its performance in the last four years and said it has made false claims of success. BJP charged that the report card does not stand scrutiny on figures, facts and statements made in the document.

'We want the Food Security and the Land Acquisition bills to be passed with certain amendments,' said Trivedi.  Rubishing the Congress’s  claims, he said, 'Did this government not get the Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal and the FDI in multi-brand retail issues passed in Parliament despite our opposition to them. So why can they not get the Food Security and the Land Acquisition bills passed?' asked the BJP spokesperson.
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