BJP is ‘master of corruption’, alleges Rahul Gandhi

‘They (BJP) do one work more than us...they do more and more corruption...look at Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh governments... they are not only master of corruption, but also do it very fast...,’ the Congress vice-president said at an election rally.

Rahul also said the Congress government in the state had done more work as compared to the previous BJP regime.

Claiming that his party’s ideology was different from that of BJP, Gandhi said the Congress government had brought a tribal bill to issue lease deed and ensure tribals’ land rights and even getting their land returned.

Rajasthan government has acted on the tribal bill and given all land rights, he said.

‘But, you go to Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, ask a tribal person, whether he has got land rights...they will say ‘no’. And, they will definitely say there is corruption in the two states as a result of which tribals have not got land rights,’ he said.

Comparing works done under previous BJP government and present Congress rule in Rajasthan, Rahul said, ‘Congress government made five times more roads than the BJP government ...7,000 MW power was generated against just 1200 MW during Vasundhara Raje rule’.

He said while BJP was ahead in corruption, the Congress government led in building roads, generating power, providing water and laying railway lines everywhere, including tribal areas of Rajasthan.

Cautioning people against such parties, Rahul appealed to tribal youths to join politics and form ‘aam admi ki sarkar’ (a government which cares for the common man). Polling for the 200-member Rajasthan Assembly will be held on 1 December.

Rahul said if youth join active politics, ‘one day one of you would become MLA, MP, chief minister or even Prime Minister’.

To ensure that the underprivileged reaped harvest of growth, he said, ‘There is need to demolish the thick wall of poverty.’

‘Of course India wants infrastructure like better roads, rail links and airports, but poor people also need help and they should get the benefits and move forward,’ Rahul said at the rally in the tribal belt.
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