BJP indicates party is not averse to post-poll alliances

The BJP on Friday said it does not feel the need for a post-poll tie-up but indicated it was not averse to it.

‘There is no need to go for any post-poll alliance. But if some party is having thoughts now to support it, we will take a call on it later. There has been no such discussion on post-poll alliances. We have exchanged notes on this with top party leadership.

‘We are very clear. BJP alongwith its present allies are getting a comfortable majority. Congress and other parties are working overtime to add to our numbers,’ BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu said.

The former BJP president said the party is much ahead of others after the third round of polling and it is now clear that there is a ‘Modi wave’ in the country, while Congress can live under its ‘illusion’.

‘They (Congress) should continue to live in that illusion till elections are over. We have presented our alternative agenda before the country and people have responded favourably. Unmindful of whether Congress joins the debate or not, we are carrying forward with our agenda,’ he said. Claiming that Congress and the Third Front put together are nowhere near BJP, Naidu said going by the present situation, his party under alliances with southern parties was winning 50 seats out of 150 in the South.

‘Everywhere there are issues which are common - corruption, price rise, unemployment, internal security, the decay in the economic growth,’ he said.

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