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BJP hits back at Nitish for scoffing opposition leaders

Bihar BJP on Tuesday hit back at chief minister Nitish Kumar for scoffing opposition leaders and accused the state government for not claiming arrest of Indian Mujahidden operative Yasin Bhatkal for ‘political reasons.’

‘He (Kumar) is drunk with power and is speaking language of his elder brother Lalu Prasad and making fun of others by twisting facts,’ BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said in a statement reacting to CM’s strong comment on him and the party for targeting Bihar government on Bhatkal’s arrest.

The BJP had blamed the Bihar government for not claiming arrest of Bhatkal and his associate Assadulla Akhtar alias Haddi from Raxual on Indo-Nepal border and failing to interrogate after taking them in custody.

Reacting to this, Nitish had on Monday said it is fashionable to become an expert on any issue without actual knowledge about it.

Modi said that by scoffing opposition leaders, the CM cannot escape answering pertinent questions like why the Bihar government dithered to claim arrest of Bhatkal for ‘political reasons.’
Former deputy chief minister in the NDA government, Modi also criticised Kumar for ridiculing use of micro-blogging website Twitter and social media in politics.

‘Like Lalu Prasad who used to say ‘IT-Whyt’ kya hai (What is IT?), Kumar is scoffing twitter by terming it as ‘chi chi che che’(chirps of birds as per dictionary meaning),’ the senior BJP leader said.
‘Does not a person who hates Twitter and social media to this extend close the IT department in his government?’ Sushil Modi questioned.

He said failing to give satisfactory reply to charges ‘the CM is making fun of latest medium of communication.’

Meanwhile, in an apparent dig at BJP leaders like Narendra Modi for using Twitter to score points, Nitish Kumar on Monday had said that they were turning the sweet chirping of birds (dictionary meaning of twitter) into the jarring sounds of politics.

‘The dictionary meaning of twitter is the chirping of birds which makes a man happy hearing them in the morning,’ Kumar had told reporters. ‘But some leaders through excessive tweeting have turned it into a jarring sound,’ he had said.

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