BJP garners 46 per cent vote share

As BJP won eight out of every ten seats in Rajasthan, the party saw its vote share rise to a record high of 46 per cent while that of Congress’ fell to new low of nearly 34 per cent. Sweeping the Rajasthan assembly polls, BJP, led by Vasundhra Raje Scindia, has bagged 162 seats, or about 80 per cent of the total seats. Congress managed to get only 21 seats. BJP’s vote share touched an all-time high of 46 per cent. In the 2008 polls, the party had garnered 34.27 per cent of the total votes. Prior to that, the party’s vote share stood at 39.20 per cent (in 2003), 33.23 per cent (1998) and 38.60 per cent (1993). On the other hand, Congress saw its vote share fall to about 34 per cent in the latest polls. This compares with 36.82 per cent recorded in 2008, 35.65 per cent (in 2003), 44.95 per cent (1998) and 38.27 per cent (1993).
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