BJP appear clear favourite to win west Delhi seats

Interestingly, the new entrant in the Delhi electoral battle, the AAP was the topic of discussion at almost every polling booth among voters. The voters, however, also seemed hesitant in voting for AAP fearing that their vote might get wasted as news about a possible hung assembly made way to the public.

If the voters indeed changed their minds at the last minute, the BJP stands to gain in a big way.
‘I am in two minds. The promises of the AAP have certainly attracted me but there are talks of a hung assembly and I do not want that for the city. A stable government is the need of the hour for this city, which is facing many issues, including inflation and women security. I do not want my vote to get wasted,’ said Shailendra Kumar, just before he was going in to vote with his wife for the Rajendra Nagar assembly seat. He refused to disclose who he voted for after coming out of the booth.

Another topic that was the matter of discussion at many places including Rajendra Nagar, Moti Nagar, Janakpuri, Tilak Nagar and Rajouri Garden was the Modi factor.

There were discussions, at times even heated, over the impact of the result this assembly election will have on general elections due next year.

‘I am not a follower of the BJP, but I am certainly following the political developments on Gujarat chief minister and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. I think, he is a strong leader and could do good work at the Centre if he becomes the prime minister of the country and when I will cast my vote, these things will certainly remain in my mind,’ said Ramesh Talwar at a polling booth in Janakpuri.

In Sikh-dominated areas such as Rajouri Garden, Hari Nagar and Tilak Nagar, it seemed that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots is still a matter that is very much alive and is likely to affect voting patterns.
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