BJP accuses AAP MLA of taking over MCD property

BJP councillor, Mamta Nagpal from Shalimar Bagh has alleged that local unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has unlawfully put a board outside a Community Toilet Complex (CTC) constructed by North MCD.

In a letter written to Corporation Commissioner PK Gupta, the councillor alleged that AAP MLA Bandana Kumari and party members have forcefully established a board bearing faces of the MLA himself and other party leaders including Arvind Kejriwal and Hira Negi. The board reads that the toilet complex has been constructed by AAP and not by the civic agency.

Kumari added, “The toilet complex was locked for about five years and therefore we wrote to the MCD several times but to no avail. Finally we got the repair work done in last one year along with establishment of water and power connection. It is a public property; it is being used by the public.”

Nagpal, however, alleged that the repair work was done by the North Corporation, since it comes under their jurisdiction. 

“While the construction was on, we came to know that AAP MLA wanted to inaugurate the complex. Few days later, on the day of inauguration the party alleged that the complex was built by them. The scene turned from bad to worse. Soon they put up a board saying that the complex has been built by AAP. Building toilet complexes is sanctioned by MCD, how can AAP say that they have built the complex? They are engaging in plain hooliganism”, said Nagpal.

The BJP councillor also alleged that she tried speaking to the concerned authorities over the issue but no action was taken as they feared lethal outcome from AAP 

authorities. Nagpal has requested the Commissioner to take strong action against the AAP members over the issue and to file a police complaint against the party members for unlawfully taking over the property of the municipal corporation.

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