Bisara: New political battleground

It began as a cow slaughter rumour, developed into an argument between two groups, snowballed into an inter-community issue and now <g data-gr-id="47">Bisara</g> village has become a centre of politics. Amid blame games and allegations on each other through media, the village witnessed camping of some political bigwigs throughout the days.

The leaders, who visited the village, made all out efforts to gain political mileage from the issue. The victims’ family, however, pleaded not to politicise the issue. “Although we are in the grip of fear, we are being victimised for political advantage. We want safety and security not politics over the issue,” said a family member.

Meanwhile, simmering tension continued to throw life out of gear in the Greater Noida village on the third consecutive day. Amid the exodus of families of a particular community, the entire village witnessed a curfew-like situation. People preferred to remain indoors and they hardly talked to the media fearing <g data-gr-id="53">backlash</g> from the other community which is in <g data-gr-id="54">majority</g>. More than six families were said to have left the village till Thursday.

The police have reportedly detained some more people in connection with the killing of the middle-aged man, injuring his son, thrashing women, arson and vandalism.

The prevailing tension in the area could be judged from the fact that shops remained closed and people spoke in hushed tones. They said that there is no history of ill-will in the village and that tensions had erupted spontaneously on Monday night. Even the heavy presence of police personnel in the village and high ranking officers from the district administration and police attempting to repair ties in the deeply divided village, could not stop the minority families from leaving which are nearly 50.

“We have been living in the village since ages but have never seen such a brawl. The incident is the conspiracy of a few people who believe in communal politics,” said Asgari, mother of deceased Iqlakh.

Amid tension in the village, senior CPI leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vrinda Karat visited the village. The leader held RSS and BJP leaders responsible for erupting violence. The BJP leaders, from their statements, too left no stone unturned to politicise the issue. 

Former UP minister and district president of the party Nawab Singh <g data-gr-id="51">Naagar</g>, through his statement, tried to downplay the killing of Iqlakh. He termed it as a sudden outburst of a few youth angered over <g data-gr-id="56">killing</g> of a cow. 

Union minister and MP from the area, Mahesh Sharma, stated that the incident should not be given a political colour and that it took place due to some “misunderstandings”. He termed it a co-incidence by categorically denying any conspiracy.

“Killing a man just on the rumours of eating beef is not only a heinous crime but also an attempt to shatter the unity of the nation. We strongly condemn this act. Sharma’s statement over the incident is shameful. We demand his sacking from the Cabinet. Such a gruesome incident took place only a few kilometers away from the national Capital where the Prime Minister of the country lives and works,” said Ashutosh at a press conference in Delhi. 
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