Return extra fees or we will take over, Kejriwal warns schools

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday warned that the government will take over 449 private schools in the capital if they do not refund extra fees collected from students.
Addressing the media, the Chief Minister said many schools increased their fees in the name of implementing the Sixth Pay Commission and the Delhi High Court appointed a committee to look into the issue.
Kejriwal said the committee told the schools to refund the extra fees but many didn't.
"As they did not comply, the court asked the Delhi government what is being done. We said that we will implement (the report) and if needed we will take over the schools," he added.
"We're not against private schools, there is no witch hunting. We are appealing to these 449 schools to implement the committee's recommendations and give back the extra fees.
"We won't be silent over this robbery by private schools," he added.
Education Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the committee examined 1,108 private schools and found that 544 had hiked fees in the name of implementing the Sixth Pay Commission.
He said many schools gave back the extra fees collected and show cause notice have been served to the 449 schools which haven't refunded the money yet.
"Many of them are giving good quality education and we don't want to take them over. Our request is (they must) pay back the extra fees."
But Sisodia warned that the government would be forced to take over the schools if they do not stick to the committee's report.
The Chief Minister hoped the schools would fall in line and the government won't be forced to take over them.

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