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Rahul attacks Modi, RSS for Alwar killing

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today attacked the Prime Minister and the RSS for the Alwar attack, saying there is no place in the country for those disagreeing with them and that tragedies of huge proportion occur when government "abdicates responsibility".

Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS, the Congress Vice President charged that the Prime Minister is propagating a vision where only one idea will prevail.

"This is a new vision for India that Narendra Modiji is propagating. It is a vision where only one idea will prevail and any other idea, anybody who does not listen to or agree with Narendra Modi or RSS has no place in India. That's the vision," Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament.

He was asked to comment on the Alwar violence where a man was killed after an attack by cow vigilantes.

"That is what they are doing. This is going to have very severe consequences for the country. It is their way of thinking that anybody who does not believe in their way of thinking has no place in the country."

Earlier in a series of tweets, the Congress Vice President had hit out at the Rajasthan government for the "brutal and senseless attack" in Alwar.

"When Government abdicates responsibility and allows lynch mobs to rule, tragedies of immense proportion follow.

Shocking breakdown of law and order in Alwar," he said in a tweet.

He said all right thinking Indians must condemn this "blind brutality" and hoped the state government will take strict action against those responsible for the "senseless attack".

Gandhi said, "We expect Government to take strict action against those responsible for this brutal and senseless attack."

A 55-year-old man died at a hospital in Alwar district after allegedly being beaten by a group of cow vigilantes, with the police arresting three persons in connection with the case.

The deceased, Pehlu Khan, and four others, including his two sons, were beaten brutally by some locals at Behror who suspected they were smuggling cows.
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