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Peace in Manipur must be top priority, says RSS chief Bhagwat

Peace in Manipur must be top priority, says RSS chief Bhagwat

Nagpur: Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, voiced his concerns on Monday regarding the ongoing unrest in Manipur, emphasising the urgency to address the state’s turmoil.

During the closing event of the ‘Karyakarta Vikas Varg- Dwitiya’ training program at Dr Hedgewar Smriti Bhavan in Reshimbagh, Bhagwat highlighted the detrimental impact of societal conflicts and underscored the importance of shifting focus from electoral debates to the nation’s pressing issues.

“Manipur has been devoid of peace for a year now, a stark contrast to the tranquillity experienced a decade ago when the prevalence of gun culture seemed to have ceased. However, the state has recently been afflicted by violence,” Bhagwat remarked.

He insisted that the situation in Manipur warrants immediate attention, advocating for a move beyond electoral discourse to concentrate on the country’s challenges.

Bhagwat noted that the discord in Manipur, whether spontaneous or instigated, has led to severe consequences for its residents.

The conflict, primarily between the Meitei and Kuki communities, erupted in May of the previous year, resulting in approximately 200 fatalities and the displacement of thousands due to widespread arson that destroyed residences and public buildings.

Recent reports indicate a resurgence of violence in Jiribam.

In light of the Lok Sabha elections, Bhagwat mentioned that with the results declared and a new government in place, further speculation on the electoral process is unnecessary.

The RSS maintains a neutral stance in political debates, focusing instead on promoting electoral participation.

Bhagwat called for a collaborative effort between the government and opposition to serve the common good and stressed that elections should be viewed as a competitive process rather than a conflict.

He expressed concern over the negative rhetoric among political parties and leaders, which has the potential to create divisions within communities, and lamented the unwarranted involvement of the RSS in such disputes.

Bhagwat condemned the use of deceitful tactics, including the misuse of technology, to influence election outcomes and maintained that integrity should not be compromised for victory.

Additionally, he addressed the issue of road rage incidents occurring nationwide, signalling a need for attention to this growing problem.

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