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No malpractice found in NEET-UG 2024 results, Centre tells Supreme Court

No malpractice found in NEET-UG 2024 results, Centre tells Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Centre has informed the Supreme Court that a data analysis of the NEET-UG 2024 results, conducted by IIT-Madras, found no evidence of malpractice. The results analysis indicated no abnormalities or localized advantages for any set of candidates, according to the Centre's affidavit submitted on Wednesday. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court had asked if data analytics could be used to identify and separate students involved in any irregularities. Responding to this, the Department of Higher Education tasked IIT-Madras with the analysis. The institution examined various parameters such as marks distribution and rank distribution across cities and exam centers. The analysis confirmed that the marks distribution followed a normal bell-shaped curve, typical of large-scale examinations, thereby indicating no irregularities.

Additionally, a detailed review of city-wise and center-wise results for the past two years (2023 and 2024) showed no signs of malpractice or undue advantages. The analysis focused on the top 1.4 lakh ranks, given the 1.1 lakh available seats nationwide. The findings showed a general increase in marks, particularly between 550 and 720, attributed to a 25% reduction in the syllabus. This increase was consistent across various cities and centers, reducing the likelihood of malpractice. The Centre stated that any identified beneficiaries of malpractice would have their candidatures canceled during or after the counseling process, which starts in the third week of July. It also mentioned that the NTA has withheld the results of 17 candidates linked to an alleged question paper incident in Patna and 30 candidates in Godhra, Gujarat, following police investigations. To further safeguard the examination process, the NTA is considering transitioning from the current pen-and-paper mode to a computer-based test (CBT) mode. This change aims to prevent future malpractices and maintain the exam's integrity. The NTA also addressed claims of question paper leaks on a Telegram channel, stating that the video in question was manipulated to create a false impression. The NTA reported that it has identified 153 cases of unfair practices during the exam, with 81 candidates' results withheld and 54 candidates barred from taking the exam for up to three years. As of now, 16 FIRs have been registered regarding NEET-UG 2024, excluding those filed independently by local or state police. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud, is set to hear various pleas related to alleged irregularities and malpractices in the NEET-UG exam on Thursday. The court had previously noted that the sanctity of the exam seemed compromised but emphasized the need to determine if the breach affected the entire process and if separating the implicated candidates from the untainted ones was feasible.

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