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Kharge pledges 10 kg free ration if INDIA bloc comes to power

Kharge pledges 10 kg free ration if INDIA bloc comes to power

Lucknow: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge declared on Wednesday that the Opposition INDIA bloc is on a strong footing after four phases of the Lok Sabha elections and committed to providing 10 kg of free ration per month to the impoverished.

While the Modi government currently provides 5 kg of free ration to the poor, Kharge emphasised that the ongoing election holds critical importance for upholding the Constitution. He questioned Prime Minister Modi’s response to individuals advocating for constitutional amendments.

“After four rounds of polling across the nation, the INDIA bloc stands in a formidable position. I confidently assert that the people of our country are ready to bid farewell to Narendra Modi. The INDIA bloc will usher in a new government on June 4,” Kharge declared at a joint press conference with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav.

Expressing concerns over the BJP’s intentions towards the Constitution, Kharge referred to statements made by RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat and BJP representatives in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh indicating a desire for constitutional changes.

“These individuals are attempting to alter the Constitution. RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat was the first to advocate for it. In Karnataka, it was suggested that a two-thirds majority is necessary for such amendments. Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, many from the BJP have spoken of altering the Constitution,” Kharge highlighted.

He criticised PM Modi for his silence on the matter questioning his leadership and resolve. “I find it surprising that Modi remains silent on this issue. You speak of strength and a 56-inch chest, so why not confront them, expel them from the party? One should not make such statements against the Constitution,” Kharge remarked.

On the topic of free ration distribution, Kharge underscored the Congress party’s dedication to social welfare and assured further assistance if the INDIA bloc assumes power. “If the INDIA bloc forms the government, we will provide 10 kg of free ration per month to the poor,” he assured. Kharge reaffirmed the INDIA bloc’s commitment to fulfilling its promises to the people. “We stand steadfast in our commitments to you. While the discussion has centred on 5 kg ration, it was the Food Security Act that we championed. I assure you that if the I.N.D.I.A alliance comes to power, we will increase ration allocation to 10 kg. Our track record in Karnataka and Telangana speaks to our dedication, and we will replicate it nationwide upon taking office,” reiterated Mallikarjun Kharge.

Echoing Kharge’s optimism, Akhilesh Yadav, speaking at the rally, predicted a sweeping victory for the alliance in Uttar Pradesh. “We will secure 79 out of the 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh,” Yadav proclaimed.

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