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Kejriwal’s interim bail not routine, many see it as special treatment, says Shah

Kejriwal’s interim bail not routine, many see it as special treatment, says Shah

New Delhi: In a pointed statement following the Supreme Court’s decision to grant interim bail to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the Lok Sabha elections campaign, Home Minister Amit Shah expressed scepticism about the ruling. He emphasised that the SC’s decision was not a typical judgement and highlighted the widespread belief of “special treatment” being accorded.

In a conversation with the news agency ANI, Shah responded to the AAP leader’s assertion that he wouldn’t need to return to jail if his party received sufficient votes. The Home Minister, speaking in Hindi, criticised this as a blatant disrespect of the Supreme Court. He argued that Kejriwal’s statement implied that the Supreme Court wouldn’t incarcerate a guilty person if they were victorious. He urged the judges who granted the bail to consider how their decision is being exploited.

When asked about his opinion on the judgement, Shah stated that the Supreme Court has the authority to interpret the law. He reiterated his belief that this was not an ordinary judgement and echoed the sentiment of many in the country who felt that preferential treatment was given.

Shah dismissed Kejriwal’s allegations about the installation of cameras in Tihar Jail with a direct feed to the Prime Minister’s office. He clarified that the Tihar Jail administration falls under the Delhi government and accused Kejriwal of dishonesty. He also took a jibe at the AAP leader, pointing out that his party is only contesting 22 Lok Sabha seats, yet he is making nationwide promises.

He advised not to take Kejriwal too seriously, highlighting that his party is only contesting 22 seats, yet he is promising to waive off electricity bills for the entire country. He questioned Kejriwal’s ability to form the government with such limited representation. with agency inputs

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