Kejriwal model of dealing with the Corona pandemic is finding praise across the world, Ambassador of Switzerland also got impressed

Kejriwal model of dealing with the Corona pandemic is finding praise across the world, Ambassador of Switzerland also got impressed

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government has used unique means in their fight against Corona. The Kejriwal model is being praised all over the world. The Ambassador of Switzerland is highly impressed with it. Ambassador Dr Ralf Heckner has showered great praise on the Kejriwal government.

Switzerland's Ambassador Dr Ralf Heckner commented approvingly on the steps taken by the Kejriwal government in dealing with Corona, in spite of the difficult circumstances. At the peak of Corona cases, in the midst of logistical problems, with lack of availability of beds and information on their availability, the efforts by the Delhi government to launch an app with all relevant information was indeed commendable. Ambassador Heckner termed it a milestone and added that the Delhi government has focused not only on dealing with Corona but ensuring that their response to the pandemic goes beyond the bare minimum and ensures that citizens of Delhi are provided good health facilities.

Adoption of home isolation method

The Kejriwal government adopted the home isolation method in dealing with Corona. Patients with severe symptoms and comorbidities were admitted to hospitals, while asymptomatic patients or patients showing signs of improvement within their homes were recommended home isolation. The home isolation method was very successful in overcoming the problem of hospital beds and was adopted abroad, along with other states of the country owing to its efficiency in combating the pandemic.

Information about the availability of beds given to patients through the app

The Kejriwal government launched an app with the aim of disseminating information about hospital beds to Corona patients. The app contained information on the current status of beds available and filled, in all hospitals with Corona wards. The person who felt the need to be admitted to the hospital could get information about available beds with ease. Apart from this, they could go to the hospital for treatment at their convenience. This aided the process of recovery and helped overcome the issue of the availability of beds in hospitals through proper management.

The Kejriwal government is going to be making reforms in the health sector

Work is being done to put a Health Information Management System (HIMS) in place with the aim of providing better health facilities to citizens. All hospitals in Delhi will be digitally connected to each other. Each citizen will be issued a health card containing their medical history. Patients will also be able to book an appointment with their doctor from the ease of their homes through HIMS, ending the long queue outside hospitals and clinics.

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