Haldwani violence a 'conspiracy,' requires strict action, say BJP MPs

Haldwani violence a conspiracy, requires strict action, say BJP MPs

BJP MPs on Friday said the violence in Uttarakhand's Haldwani appeared to be a "conspiracy" strict action must be taken against the guilty, with Rajya Sabha MP Harnath Yadav demanding a "shoot at sight" order against rioters.

Asked about the Thursday violence, Yadav, a Rajya Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh, said, "The incident in Haldwani is a conspiracy. Bombs, country pistols, and other weapons were used, and government officials and police were attacked. There should be an order to shoot rioters at sight... There is no need to be lenient with them."

He said the Uttarakhand government should "search every house," and take action against the perpetrators.

Rajya Sabha MP Brij Lal termed the razing of the madrasa a just move.

"Removing encroachment is right. Even on the mountains they have made 'mazars' (shrines)..." he said.

He added, "Violence cannot be tolerated. Their ring leaders who planned it should be jailed under National Security Act and the Uttarakhand government will definitely do it. There is a conspiracy. It wouldn't have happened on its own."

He also appreciated Uttarakhand Police for not resorting to firing.

BJP MP Ashok Bajpai called the incident unfortunate and a probable conspiracy.

"The incident is very unfortunate, it looks like a conspiracy because the encroachment was removed based on the order of the Supreme Court. Stone pelting, petrol bombs, and firing was done at a large scale. Police personnel have been hurt, strict action needs to be taken," he said.

He also alleged that "opposition parties" were sheltering "anarchist" elements.

Dinesh Sharma of the BJP, on similar lines, said, "There are some anarchist elements, and some political people who give them protection. They are trying to disturb peace."

"Modi ji is here in the Centre, and wherever there is BJP government, those who do riots and incite riots, their generations will remember the result of taking law and order in their hands," he said.

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, meanwhile, blamed polarisation created by BJP for the violence.

"When the intention is just polarisation, this is what happens... curfews are imposed, look at the incidents in Manipur. In every state, BJP has created a situation where it will benefit from polarisation. Their tried and tested model is to polarise people for votes," she said.

"I am hoping the Home Minister will take cognisance," Chaturvedi said, adding, "if the police have been attacked it is shameful, it shows how hooliganism is prevailing in BJP-ruled states."

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