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BJP wants to destroy Constitution, scrap reservation: Rahul Gandhi

BJP wants to destroy Constitution, scrap reservation: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that the BJP wants to "destroy" the Constitution and scrap the reservation provided to tribal, Dalits, and backward class.

Addressing an election rally in Odisha's Bolangir, Gandhi claimed that if the BJP wins this election, it will privatise the public sector entities and the country will be run by 22 billionaires.

"BJP wants to tear this book, but we in Congress and the people of India will not allow it," he said pointing to the Constitution in his hand.

Gandhi said that whatever the country's poor, Dalits, tribal, minorities, farmers and laborer's have received till now, it is due to the Constitution.

"If BJP wins, the reservation will be scrapped, the public sector will be privatized, and the country will be run by 22 billionaires. That's why the people's government should be formed," he added.

Gandhi claimed that loans worth Rs 16 lakh crore of 22 billionaires were waived off under the BJP-led government, and the amount was equivalent to MGNREGA wages of 24 years.

"They have not given anything to the people. They have not waived off the loans of farmers and students. Forget waiver, they even did not provide loans to small businesses," he claimed.

The Congress leader said that the money collected through GST from the common people of the country was going to only two-three persons.

Gandhi said that if the Congress is voted to power it will conduct a caste census to provide proper representation to Dalits, tribal and backward classes.

"After the census, a revolutionary democracy or people's rule will begin in the country," he said.

Gandhi said that handing over airports to industrialists and giving defense contracts to private entities were being showcased as development by the BJP.

"While they have worked for 22 billionaires, we are going to create crores of 'lakhpatis'," Gandhi said amid a loud cheer from the people.

Claiming that the INDIA bloc would form the government on June 4, Gandhi said, "Soon after, we will make a list of all poor families of the country and a woman of each of these families will be provided with an assistance of Rs 8,500 per month."

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