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‘Beware of fake e-mails promising money in RBI’s name,’ warns Guv

Warning public of fraudulent prize winning e-mails in the name of RBI, Governor Raghuram Rajan on Tuesday said the central bank does not give money to citizens directly even though it prints currency notes.

The RBI today announced start of year-long public awareness and consumer protection campaign. One relates to awareness regarding KYC (Know Your Customer) norms and the other against fraudulent practices to cheat public.

"If you get an email from me or any future governor promising to transfer a large sum of say Rs 50 lakh to you if only you send a small transaction fee of Rs 20,000 to a specific bank account, delete the email," the Governor said.

The reality, he said, is that such e-mails are not from "me and the RBI does not give out money directly to ordinary citizens, even though we print plenty of it".

While the e-mails usually contain very convincing reasons why you have been chosen to receive money, "ask yourself why I cannot simply deduct Rs 20,000 and send you Rs 49.8 lakh. If you think for a moment, you should not fall prey to such emails," the Governor said while emphasizing the point.

The RBI further said one of the biggest sources of harassment for ordinary customers in the banking system is meeting KYC or Know Your Customer rules. Actually, these have been simplified considerably in the recent past, but sometimes your local branch may not know it, Rajan said.

The applicable KYC rules can now be accessed from the RBI's web page in the form of 'FAQs for KYCs'. "For instance, if you move, your new address can be self-certified and you do not need proof of new address. If your branch does not know these simplified norms, please go to the RBI webpage and point it out to them. You will be doing a public service," he added.
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