Violence erupts at Kachra High School after student’s death

BALURGHAT: Chaos ensued at Kachra High School when a class seven student, Abhijit Sarkar, tragically passed away on school premises during school hours on Wednesday. Allegations of negligence by school authorities in handling the situation led to furious protests by the deceased student’s family and local villagers.

According to witnesses, Abhijit Sarkar fell ill suddenly while standing in line for the mid-day meal around 1:30 pm. Fellow students attempted to assist him and called for help but due to the school lacking transportation facilities and nearby health centers being reportedly without doctors, he could not get medical care.

“The situation escalated quickly as angry villagers and family members blamed the school for failing to act swiftly,” stated Rana Basak, the headmaster, who himself was reportedly assaulted during the unrest. “We immediately contacted local health centers for assistance but the absence of medical staff hindered efforts to transfer the student to a medical facility,” he added.

The outcry intensified when local police initially failed to contain the enraged crowd, resulting in vandalism of school property. Finally, Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Combat Force units arrived from Kushmandi to restore order.

“The damage caused to the school is significant,” stated Rana Basak.

Chinmay Mittal, South Dinajpur District Superintendent of Police confirmed the arrest of four individuals involved in the school vandalism and assault on the head teacher. “We are prepared to investigate any formal complaint of negligence regarding the student’s treatment,” assured Mittal, emphasising on heightened police presence to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, tensions remain high as the community grapples with the aftermath of the tragic incident and subsequent violence at the school. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely to prevent further disruptions in the area.

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