Udayan Guha criticises BJP and political use of religious festivals

Cooch Behar: North Bengal Development Department (NDBB) Minister Udayan Guha launched an attack on the BJP while also criticising the Ganesh Puja organised by Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nisith Pramanik.

On Sunday night, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) held a meeting in the Ronirhat area of Dinhata Block 2 during which Guha expressed concerns about the removal of Trinamool flags in various areas, including Dinhata Ranirhat, allegedly by the BJP during their rallies and marches.

He said that there shouldn’t be any BJP flags in areas where Trinamool flags are raised and emphasised that this was not a threat but a call for cleaner politics. Moreover, he made a sarcastic remark about the grand Ganesh Puja organised by Nisith Pramanik.

Udayan Guha’s remarks have already generated significant attention.

In 2018, while a member of the TMC, Nisith Pramanik organised an extensive Ganesha Puja in the Vettaguri area, featuring renowned artists from Mumbai. This year, a similarly grand Ganesh Puja is being planned in the Bhetaguri area. Regarding Udayan Guha’s comments on the Ganesh Puja, he stated: “Now, even Gods have become a subject of politics. They are not only fooling the people but also attempting to fool the Gods. In 2018, there was a grand celebration and it seems to have disappeared since. As we approach the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, another grand celebration is being staged, seemingly to create divisions among people. However, these tactics will no longer work as the people understand everything.’

In response to Guha’s statements, BJP Cooch Behar district General Secretary

Biraj Bose suggested that his comments reflect fear.

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