TMC launches drive to ‘highlight fake promises by Modi government’

Trinamool Congress (TMC) launched a new campaign titled “Jumla Baba’s lies” to highlight fake promises by the Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

In a bid to engage with young voters and digital audiences through a creative medium, TMC on Tuesday launched this campaign revealing many fake promises by the BJP-led government at the Centre. Through the coinage, the ruling party apparently attacked PM Narendra Modi.

The campaign also delves into the step-motherly attitude of the BJP towards Bengal after the state rejected the party in multiple elections. Through each of its episodes, the series will focus on the different issues faced by the people of Bengal due to the BJP’s constant attacks on Bengal. This will demonstrate why Bengal rejects Modi and his anti-Bengal policies, said TMC. It further stated that the first episode of Jumlababa shows how fed up the people are after repeated torture and lies by the BJP government at the Centre. “While people continue to suffer and protest on issues such as an increase in prices of cooking gas, inflation, and CAA-NRC, the Modi-led BJP government is evading questions instead of addressing issues. When people finally get tired and demand answers, Modi stays true to his nature and runs away, looking for refuge in Bengal where a towering personality, clad in the iconic white and blue saree, stops them from entering and destroying Bengal.

Meanwhile, TMC shared a campaign song for JonogonerGorjon for the Lok Sabha election of 2024 — a powerful expression of the collective roar of the party against the Bangla-birodhi @BJP4India zamindars who have deprived and tormented our people in every conceivable way, the ruling party in Bengal posted on X. “Let the music spread our spirited resistance. Play it loud, feel the pulse of people’s GORJON! Giving a musical expression to Bengal’s spirit of resistance aimed at teaching the Bangla Birodhis a lesson, the Trinamool Congress on Wednesday launched its campaign song for the election session voicing the opinions of the people while depicting the soul of this sacred land...,” TMC in a post on X said.

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