Several areas of Balurghat and Gangarampur inundated

Several areas of Balurghat and Gangarampur inundated

BALURGHAT: Atreyee Colony in Balurghat is in distress as Atreyee River water has inundated homes located along the riverbank.

A few families have been evacuated to safer locations as river water levels continue to rise. The local irrigation department has closed the sluice gates to manage the situation effectively. The municipality has set up relief camps to shelter the affected residents, assuring them of all necessary assistance.

Last week, heavy rainfall exceeding 300 millimetres resulted in the inundation of Balurghat. Multiple houses have been affected in Sadarghat. Residents have sought refuge in a temporary shelter set up at the primary school premises. The river water has started entering homes since Sunday afternoon, compelling them to evacuate overnight. While drinking water has been arranged by the municipality, residents

complain of insufficient lighting and ventilation.

Chairman of Balurghat Municipality, Ashok Kumar Mitra, stated: “We have arranged shelters for Atreyee Colony residents at the relief camps. They will be provided with dry food. Pumps have been deployed to drain water from Atreyee Colony.”

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about Gangarampur’s embankment breach, leading to severe flooding in Belbari area under Gangarampur block. Agricultural lands are submerged, posing a threat to crops. Local sources reported that the water level of the Punarbhaba River started rising from Saturday.

Speaking on behalf of the affected, Satyen Roy, president of Trinamool Congress’ local committee, stated: “We had informed the irrigation department about the issue earlier, but no action was taken. Now the situation has turned critical.”

Biplab Sarkar, a local resident, warned: “The embankment at Belbari has breached, causing areas to be submerged. The situation is deteriorating rapidly. Everyone needs to stay vigilant. Immediate steps are necessary.” The local administration is yet to comment on the exact extent of the damage caused by the flood.

However, they assured that relief and rehabilitation measures are being implemented to mitigate the suffering of the affected families.

The situation remains tense as the region braces for further challenges amid ongoing efforts to stabilize the affected areas.

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