Reti Sukriti River: Joint Indo-Bhutan effort to clear debris

Reti Sukriti River: Joint Indo-Bhutan effort to clear debris

Jalpaiguri: Officials from the Jalpaiguri District Administration, Irrigation department and police made a joint visit with Bhutanese officials to assess the situation in the river flowing from Bhutan. Mined sands and stones have accumulated in the Bhutanese section of the Reti Sukriti River near the border. The officials requested the Bhutanese authorities to move these materials quickly.

There is concern that heavy rains could cause the river to change its course if the mining material remains piled up. This issue was explained to the Irrigation department and administration officials in Bhutan, who have assured that they will take swift action.

Pushpa Dolma Lepcha, Sub Divisional Officer of Dhupguri, said: “On one side of the Reti Sukriti River is Chamurchi in India and on the other side is the Samsi area in Bhutan. Mining material has accumulated in parts of the river on the Bhutanese side. A few days ago, the Jalpaiguri district Irrigation department received this information. After that, we contacted Bhutanese officials to discuss the matter and a joint inspection was conducted on Monday. Officials from Bhutan’s Irrigation department were also present.

They assured us that the piled sand and stones would be removed within the next 10 days and they have already begun the process.” Krishnaendu Bhowmick, chief engineer of the northeast division of the Irrigation department, said: “The issue recently came to our notice. However, since it is an international matter, we informed the district administration in detail. We reported on how the Banarhat section of Jalpaiguri might be affected during the monsoon due to the piled-up mining material.

Following this, the district administration took action.”

The Reti Sukriti River, descending from Bhutan, enters the Banarhat area through Chamurchi. The state government is building the Chamurchi Ecopark near the river. However, every year during the monsoon, the river floods many tea plantations in the Chamurchi and Banarhat areas.

Last year, extensive damage occurred to the dam in the Kathalguri tea garden area and the Indo-Bhutan Road was also damaged. This is why the administration is prioritising attention to this river.

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