Rescued worker’s kin celebrates in Cooch Behar

Rescued worker’s kin celebrates in Cooch Behar

Despite enduring 17 days of sleepless nights, Manik Talukdar’s family in Balrampur, Cooch Behar, couldn’t catch a wink on Tuesday either, but that happened out of sheer joy. The rescue mission of 41 workers, including Manik, successfully completed in Uttarkashi on Tuesday night.

Manik, having spoken to his family through video calls post-rescue, brought joy to the entire Balrampur Gram Panchayat area, evident in the festive celebrations — blowing the conch, distributing sweets and fireworks. The family is now eagerly awaiting Manik’s return home.

Manik Talukdar from Cooch Behar is an electrician working for a Hyderabad-based company, in the tunnel. Moni Talukder, Manik’s son, stated: “After 17 days, my father was rescued from that tunnel. We talked to him after he came out of the tunnel on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday. He is fine but will leave for home only after some medical tests are conducted.

We are all waiting eagerly for his return. There was a festive mood in the house on Tuesday night and we could not sleep out of sheer joy. I feel much better now. We would like to express our gratitude to each and everyone in the rescue team.”

Manik Talukdar’s wife, Soma Talukder, added: “Having spoken to my husband, I am much better now. When my husband returns, I will prepare his favorite food on the first day. He loves to eat meat, so we will cook mutton for him on that day.”

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