‘Panchang’ will awaken self-respect: DU V-C

New Delhi: Delhi University on Friday released its first historical ‘Panchang’ during which its vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh said the almanack will “awaken self-respect” among Indians.

Also known as the Hindu calendar, the ‘Panchang’ is based on the ancient Indian knowledge system. According to a university official, it is the annual compilation of planetary moments.

The Panchang is more advanced than the Western calendar and will help in the “dissemination of ancient Indian knowledge,” university officials said.

“Now is the time to awaken Indian self-respect by connecting with Indian knowledge and tradition. This Panchang of DU is an example of this,” the statement quoted Singh

as saying.

“Detailed information about all festivals, eclipses, dates etc. has been given in this Panchang,” he said, adding that the National Education Policy 2020 too, is based on Indian knowledge tradition only.

On this occasion, a program focused on the topic ‘Panchang and Indian Knowledge Tradition’ was also organised by the value addition courses committee of the university, the varsity said in a statement.

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