Overloaded dumper: Govt official assaulted during op

Jalpaiguri: Arup Pathak, a revenue officer in Dhupguri, was assaulted while conducting an operation against an overloaded dumper carrying sand and stones in the Angrabhasha area of Banarhat Block on Thursday morning. The incident has caused a stir in the area.

The driver of the dumper is currently on the run, but a formal complaint will be lodged against him at the Banarhat Police Station, according to Dhupguri BLR Jaideep Ghosh.

Allegedly, Arup Pathak initiated the operation after stopping a dumper on the road and requesting its documentation. The driver presented a government invoice for 300 CFT, but upon inspection, it was discovered that the dumper was carrying 800 CFT of stone. Penalties for the excess cargo will be enforced as per government regulations.

Additionally, the dumper’s owner was contacted. However, the situation escalated when several unknown people arrived and reportedly threatened and physically assaulted Pathak. The revenue officer is understandably shaken by the ordeal.

Jaideep Ghosh Roy, Officer of Dhupguri Block Land and Land Revenue department, stated: “Operations against overloading dumpers have been initiated and Arup Pathak’s injury is deeply troubling. A comprehensive complaint detailing the incident will be lodged with the police station.”

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