Officials seize tractor in crackdown on illegal sand quarrying

Cooch Behar: Officials from the Land and Land Reforms department seized a tractor involved in illegal sand quarrying in the Bhangamore area adjacent to Hazrahat II village Panchayat of Mathabhanga I Block.

Persistent allegations of illegal sand theft and quarrying from the Mansai River prompted multiple complaints to the department.

In response, officials from the Mathabhanga-I Block Land and Land Reforms department promptly conducted an operation following the latest complaint. Upon their arrival, individuals involved in the illegal activity fled the scene. During the operation, the officials detained a tractor and imposed a fine of Rs 30,000.

Satyachand Das, an official from the Mathabhanga-I Block Land and Land Reforms department, stated: “There have been long-standing complaints about sand theft and illegal quarrying from the Mansai River.

Our recent raid on Thursday resulted in the seizure of a tractor.

Our efforts will continue in the coming days and we are closely monitoring other rivers in this block.”

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