MLA dials Chief Secy to discuss road link with Barsoi in Bihar

raiganj: Krishna Kalyani, MLA, Raiganj met with the District Magistrate of North Dinajpur Arvind Kumar Mina, and called the state Chief Secretary Harekrishna Drivedi to discuss the construction of a road from Raiganj of North Dinajpur district to Barsoi in Bihar. The 21 km stretch from Raiganj to Barsoi has no road connectivity.

People from Raiganj have to travel around 48 km via Tungidighi to Barsoi junction to catch long-distance trains. Hence, the construction of a road was demanded by the locals.

The completion of the road will boost economic activity in both states.Raiganj MLA Krishna Kalyani said: “In a 50 km radius of Barsoi station in Bihar, there is no proper marketplace. If a 21 km road connecting Raiganj and Barsoi is built, residents of Bihar’s Barsoi area would be able to purchase items from marketplaces in Raiganj. Residents of the North Dinajpur district, on the other hand, would be able to easily reach Barsoi station to board long-distance trains.

A meeting between administrative authorities from the two states is required to build this road and a bridge across the Nagar River on the Bengal-Bihar border. On the subject, I visited with the District Magistrate and spoke with the state Chief Secretary.”

Meanwhile, Raiganj MP Debasree Chaudhuri penned a letter to Union Road Transport and Highways minister Nitin Jairam Gadkari around a month ago urging him to build this road from Raiganj in West Bengal to Barsoi in Bihar.

In a recent letter, Nitin Gadkari stated that the department would look into the necessity of the proposed metalled road.

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