Man electrocuted to death after falling on top of local train from ROB

Kolkata: A man was electrocuted to death from falling on the Overhead Equipment (OHE) of Krishnanagar-Sealdah local train at Belgharia on Monday. The deceased had jumped off from the Rail Over Bridge (ROB) and fell on top of the local train.

According to a Sealdah Division official, the incident took place at Belgharia where the man had allegedly jumped off the ROB and landed on top of the local train. He was electrocuted from the OHE which had 25,000 volts. The man’s body was later detected after the train reached Sealdah Railway Station. A source said that he had sustained burns on his left leg and head injuries from the fall. It was earlier reported that the man had climbed the train at Sealdah Railway Station after the train arrived at platform number one. Questions were raised on the security arrangement considering a man was claimed to have climbed on top of a standing train at a

crowded station. On Tuesday, the official of Sealdah Division refuted the claims made and informed that as per the internal inquiry, the incident had taken place in Belgharia. At the time, a loud sound could be heard and the situation could be enquired only after the train reached Sealdah. The Railway officials could not confirm the identity of the deceased.

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