Malda: ‘Farakka to have second Railway bridge by next year’

Malda: ‘Farakka to have second Railway bridge by next year’

Malda: A second Railway bridge is being constructed over the Ganga River at Farakka. Railway officials visited the site almost a month ago. Besides, the Railways have assured that the under-construction work of the second road bridge in Farakka may be completed next year. If this road bridge is opened, connectivity between North and South Bengal will be strengthened.

Vikas Choubey, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) said: “The second Railway bridge will be constructed over the Ganga River at Farakka. Measurement of the area is being done and various other aspects are being explored after which the estimate will be generated. Everything will be prepared and sent to the Ministry of Railways.”

Surveys are currently being conducted to determine the exact spot for the proposed bridge. All the possibilities are under consideration to maximise the benefit of the Railways. The new Railway bridge is very likely to be constructed next to the road bridge under-construction.

The second road bridge was supposed to end by 2021 but repeated hindrances stopped the completion of the work.

On February 16, 2020, the construction girder of Farakka second bridge collapsed. Two project engineers were killed in the horrific accident. As a result, the work was stopped for some time. Later, the work came to a halt due to COVID-19 pandemic. Later the Chinese Company in charge of the construction was removed due to the tension in the Indo-China border. The work started in full swing from November and about 60-70 per cent of the work is now nearing completion. The Central government has initially allocated Rs 550 crore for this bridge. A total of 3 km approach road is also being constructed on both sides.

In the 1970s, the Farakka Bridge over the Ganges opened the door of communication not only between North Bengal and South Bengal, but also between North and South-East India. Along with the traffic on the two-lane road, the trains run on the Railway line. More vehicles started moving over this bridge. As the pressure continues to mount, hence the need to construct alternative bridges arises.

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