Kolkata Port mulls to build tunnel under Hooghly to ease traffic jam

KOLKATA: In a bid to further augment its capacity, the Syamaprasad Mookherjee Port, Kolkata, popularly known as the Kolkata Port, is mulling over several projects which include an underground tunnel under Hooghly River to reduce congestion on Kolkata roads, installation of another floating crane at Diamond Harbour, and the “first multi-modal logistics park in Kolkata”.

The Kolkata Port has announced several development projects in days to come. One of the vital projects being planned is a development of an underground tunnel connecting KPD with the Kona Expressway. The chairman of the port, Rathendra Raman said that talks with a consultant for the project will be held in June’s first week. A study report on the project will be available by January next year.

Another project involves the installation of a floating crane. A port official said that the installation of floating cranes at anchorages for faster handling of transhipment cargo is on the priority list. The sources in the port have confirmed that another floating crane is being installed at Diamond Harbour but this one will help in lifting both cargo and containers.

Further, the port is also going to undertake the widening of the Diamond Harbour road with good connectivity to Falta and Roychawk, develop a freight corridor up to Dankuni, widening of NH 116 connecting Kolaghat and Haldia. Apart from these, the port is also looking ahead to connect Balagarh’s extended gate area by road and rail, besides rail connectivity with Salukhali. Additionally, a RoRo jetty at the Howrah side of the Hooghly River is also in the pipeline.

The chairman said that for developing the first multi-modal logistics park in Kolkata, the port has floated an expression of interest and the offer is awaited shortly for allotment of land on 30 years lease. The project area is approximately 60 acres. It will have a state-of-the-art warehousing complex with cold storage along with a truck terminal, railways connectivity and other ancillary facilities.

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