Jamai Sasthi: Festive treats amid skyrocketing prices

Jamai Sasthi: Festive treats amid skyrocketing prices

Kolkata: ‘Jamai Sasthi’, the festival strengthening the beautiful bond between son-in-law and his in-laws, was celebrated across Bengal amidst skyrocketing prices of various commodities.

People felt the pinch in their pockets on Thursday morning as fish was sold at a comparatively higher price than usual. Hilsa, the most coveted, was sold at Rs 750-2,000 per kg. Sellers were seen selling Hilsa weighing around 400-500 grams nearly at Rs 1,000 in various markets. Hilsa weighing over 1 kg was sold at a price between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000. Prices of fish like bhetki and prawns had also gone up on the occasion of ‘Jamai Sasthi’.

Bhetki weighing around 1 kg was sold at Rs 500-600 in various city markets. Prices of fruits and vegetables were also high on Thursday.

The Bengal government had earlier announced a half-day holiday on the day of ‘Jamai Sasthi’ on Thursday. All the government institutions closed after 2 pm except for emergency services. A notification for a half-day holiday was issued by the Finance department on Monday. Every educational institution, government offices, local bodies, statutory bodies, corporations and the institutions under the control of the government except the office of the Registrar of Assurances, Collector of Stamp revenue closed at 2 pm.

Meanwhile, many city restaurants prepared a typical Bengali menu to welcome guests on the occasion. Several restaurants served special dishes keeping ‘Jamai Sasthi’ celebrations in mind.

There were specially arranged buffet lunch and dinners in many of the city’s restaurants.

One of Bengal’s quintessential and sort of quirky festivals is Jamai Sasthi. This is the day when the son-in-law or ‘jamai’ of the house is pampered with food and gifts, and he too must carry a present especially for his mother-in-law, who traditionally cooks the food.

The celebrations nowadays have moved from homes to restaurants. The city’s much-loved Bengali-cuisine restaurants were favourite destinations for couples as well.

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