Hike in Lakshmir Bhandar allowance to be ‘Trinamool’s key poll plank’

Hike in Lakshmir Bhandar allowance to be ‘Trinamool’s key poll plank’

With Lakshmir Bhandar allowance for women increased from April 1, Trinamool Congress (TMC) is trying to consolidate the votes of women electorates in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Like previous elections, the Lakshmir Bhandar is expected to provide dividends to the ruling party in the state in the Lok Sabha elections as well as women members of the houses have greatly benefitted, feel the political experts.

The women across the state expressed joy with merrymaking festivities after receiving the increased Lakshmir Bhandar financial assistance. Expressing their support for TMC chairperson Mamata Banerjee, the women danced to the drumbeats and music of ‘Khela Hobe’ in addition to distributing sweets in Singur on Tuesday. Holi seemed to have come again after 9 days as the women relived the revelry and played ‘abeer’ to mark the increase in the amount of Lakshmir Bhandar financial assistance. They garlanded a portrait of Mamata Banerjee and expressed their gratitude to her for spearheading the movement of women’s empowerment in India, TMC claimed. The announcement of a hike in Lakshmir Bhandar financial assistance scheme was made by Chief Minister during the presentation of the state Budget in February this year.

Over 2.12 crore women have been receiving benefits of this pro-women welfare scheme. The allowance for general category women was hiked to Rs 1,000 from Rs 500 per month while for the SC/ST category it was raised to Rs 1,200 from Rs 1,000 per month.

Senior TMC leaders Chandrima Bhattacharya and Shashi Panja on Wednesday said that the “Lakshmir Bhandar” scheme has set an example in front of the world as to what a woman Chief Minister of a state can do for the people.

“Bengal Chief Minister has taken the respect for women to a new height. We have received numerous calls from the women expressing gratitude to the CM after they received the hiked allowances. It will greatly help them amid the skyrocketing price of essential commodities. People in Bengal have become victims of politics by the Centre as they stopped clearing dues to the state,” the leaders said.

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