Eastern Rly takes steps to cease flame cooking within station premises

Kolkata: Eastern Railway (ER) is implementing measures to cease flame cooking and reheating activities within station premises, particularly at suburban stations where heavy footfall poses an impending danger.

The ER stated that eliminating flame cooking and reheating activities will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a safer environment for all commuters. Going by para 6.1 of Catering Policy 2017, ER is appealing to all the static units for transitioning away from traditional cooking methods, thereby prioritising safety and promoting environmental sustainability. They are conducting a comprehensive awareness campaign to sensitise passengers and Rail users about the importance of safety measures and the rationale behind this initiative. Through posters, announcements, and interactive sessions, ER aims to educate passengers as well as vendors at Railway premises about the potential risks associated with flame cooking.

The ER stated that there was an emergence of illegal vending stalls engaging in flame cooking activities with urbanisation of Kolkata’s suburbs. “These unauthorised practices not only pose significant safety risks but also undermine the noble endeavour towards enhancing passenger safety,” Railway officials stated.

According to the Railway, illegal stall owners are vocal against the Railway’s commitment for putting an end to flame cooking at the premises for the safety of passengers but the Railway expects the passengers and freight customers to raise their voice against such violation of safety norms.

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