Eastern Rly removes limitation of 20 km on UTS mobile app

Kolkata: The Eastern Railway (ER) has removed the 20-kilometre limit for booking a ticket using the Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) smartphone app. On Thursday, ER authorities informed that due to this step, lakhs of passengers travelling through all the sections of ER will be benefitted.

Earlier, if people needed to buy a ticket through the UTS mobile app, they had to be present within the 20-kilometre area of the particular Railway station from where the journey would commence.

Recently, the ER authorities reviewed the UTS ticketing method and decided to remove the limitation as people may buy train tickets in advance to save time so that they do not miss a train. The ER authorities released a statement which read: “To make travelling in the general class of trains easier, an important change has been made to the UTS on mobile app. As a result of this change, passengers can now get tickets to their destinations from anywhere, whereas earlier there was a limit of 20 km on this app.

That is, if a passenger is within 20 km from a station, only then he could book the ticket on the UTS on Mobile app; this limitation has now been removed.”

However, in the statement the ER authorities also stated that if a passenger is on the platform or travelling inside a train, they will not be able to book online tickets using the UTS Mobile app.

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