Centre deprived more than 3 lakh people of Bankura, says Abhishek

Centre deprived more than 3 lakh people of Bankura, says Abhishek

Kolkata: Campaigning for his party’s Bishnupur seat candidate Sujata Mondal, Trinamool Congress (TMC) national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Thursday said while the BJP government at the Centre has deprived 381000 people of Bankura district by withholding funds for Bengal, TMC, despite losing the seat in 2019 elections, ensured every woman here gets Lakshmir Bhandar allowance.

Abhishek said about 381000 people in Bankura district were deprived due to the Centre’s fund blockade but the state government cleared the funds for 100 days’ work.

He claimed about 912151 lakh women in all 12 Assembly seats in Bankura district got Lakshmi Bhandar every month. Every year, the state government spends Rs 600 crore for Bankura district under this scheme, he claimed.

Abhishek challenged the BJP to implement the scheme in states where they are in power and promised he would leave politics if it is done. He said every woman member in a family has to get this allowance. Banerjee said instead of empowering people, the BJP government is looting the poor. “Prices of essential commodities have been hiked but no tax has been imposed on diamonds which are afforded by the rich,” he remarked.

He added that despite Bengal being deprived by the Centre of Rs 1.65 lakh crore, the state government spent Rs 8000 crores to mend the village roads under the Pathasree scheme.

Abhishek said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the district soon and he must answer the people about what the BJP government has done in the last 10 years.

“BJP’s Saumitra Khan who won the seat in 2019 should call me to the PM event where I will reveal the performance report card of the state government,” he said. He said last year in Indus 50 people were injured in lightning and he met every one of them and compensated them. One person had died but there was no sign of the sitting BJP MP Khan. He also claimed that BJP leaders from Bankura district, Niladri Sekhar Dana, Amar Sakha and Khan, had said that they would appeal to the Centre to make Bankura a separate state.

“When the Prime Minister comes here, he should answer whether he too holds the same view of dividing Bengal,” Banerjee demanded.

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