BJP’s Amit Malviya accused of ‘sexual misconduct’

Kolkata: The Congress, on Monday, demanded the removal of BJP’s IT Cell head Amit Malviya following allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him by an RSS member.

It reportedly came to light that RSS member Santanu Sinha, brother of BJP leader Rahul Sinha, levelled allegations of sexual misconduct against Amit Malviya. Following this, Congress leader Supriya Shrinate on Monday called for the immediate removal of Malviya as the IT cell head of the BJP.

Shrinate, at a Press conference, said: “An RSS member Santanu Sinha, related to BJP leader Rahul Sinha, has said that the BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya is indulged in nefarious activities. He is indulged in the sexual exploitation of women.

Not just in 5-star hotels but in BJP offices in Bengal. The only thing that we seek from the BJP is justice for women.”Trinamool Congress MP Sushmita Dev, reacting on the matter, wrote on X: “Those who gave us sermons on Sandeshkhali allegations should first start with the suspension of the accused.”

Another TMC leader Arup Chakraborty wrote on X: “Modi’s@BJP4India has sheltered a bunch of sexual predators like @amitmalviya. Sensational claims made by a Sangh member on how a leader, part of Modi’s team, continued to sexually abuse women not only in five-star hotels but in their Party office too. Modi’s BJP is a disgrace!”

Meanwhile, it was learnt that Malviya has sought for an unconditional apology from the RSS member Santanu Sinha.

He sent a legal notice to Sinha on June 8 asking to take down the “false and derogatory” post. According to a news wire agency, the legal notice read: “The nature of allegations are extremely offensive in as much as they falsely allege sexual misconduct purportedly committed by my client.

The same is fatally injurious to the dignity and reputation of my client who by virtue of his professional profile, is a public figure. Such malevolently malicious statements have been deliberately made to tarnish

his reputation.”

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