BJP flag on veteran CPI(M) leader’s house sparks controversy

A BJP flag hanging from the roof of veteran CPI(M) leader Ashok Bhattacharya’s house in Siliguri sparked controversy. Gautam Deb, Mayor of Siliguri, alleged of a tacit understanding between the CPI(M) and BJP, by posting a picture of the flag on his social media page.

On Wednesday morning, Gautam Deb posted the picture on his social media page with the question: “Is this a symbol of BJP and CPI(M) unity?”

Deb said: “It is a replica of the Siliguri model. A flag belonging to another party was hung on his roof and he didn’t know about it. Is it possible? CPI(M), Congress and BJP are always together to stop the Trinamool Congress. It is no more a secret and is in the open. This proves it.” Ashok Bhattacharya waved it off as a baseless allegation. He said: “Gautam Deb is politicising this issue. I removed the flag as soon as I saw it. I will lodge a complaint against the BJP and Gautam Deb regarding this.”

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Shankar Ghosh has denied all allegations of an alliance between the BJP and CPI(M). He said that one can mistakenly hang the flag, but it should not be politicised.

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