33 KV power plants installed in Bengal since 2011, says Min

KOLKATA: State Power minister Aroop Biswas on Friday said that Bengal has successfully reduced its reliance on imported coal, ensuring energy self-sufficiency for the state and it has achieved remarkable progress in harnessing solar power.

He was speaking at the second East Energy Conclave 2023 organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce. While addressing a topic ~ “Unveiling Opportunities for Growth and Investment in the Power Sector”, Biswas highlighted the government's initiatives and policies aimed at driving the power sector's growth.He expressed his commitment, stating: “It is with immense pride and satisfaction that I reflect on the remarkable progress we have achieved in harnessing solar power sources under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. In the past, load shedding was a common occurrence, but the visionary efforts of our Chief Minister eradicated this issue from the roots,” Biswas said adding: “Bengal has emerged as a frontrunner in the power sector, with notable contributions from NTPC, DVC, Reliance Power, and Adani Power. Notably, the installation of 33 KV power plants since 2011 has been a significant milestone, with a staggering capacity of 85 lakh households receiving uninterrupted power supply.”

He also added: “Our commitment to renewable energy is evident with the introduction of solar power plants such as Tungadhowa Solar Park and ACDCL, contributing to the clean and sustainable energy transition. The transformational initiatives implemented have witnessed the reduction of carbon emissions, with Durgapur Power Plant's law seduction resulting in a commendable decrease from 1706 megawatts to zero. Looking ahead, we are determined to continue our efforts towards further power plant introductions, with a target of installing 4,000 megawatts of additional capacity.”

Anil Razdan, Former Secretary, Power GOI said: “The Eastern energy sector not only presents opportunities for growth but also attracts investments.”

“The region boasts an impressive 87 per cent share of hydrocarbon fuels, showcasing its immense potential. Furthermore, the transition towards renewable energy sources is the way forward. Shifting from fossil fuels to non-fossil alternatives will benefit us all,”the former Secretary added.

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