3 community Pujas to adopt unique themes this year

Kolkata: Theme maker Rintu Das, who made headlines in 2020 by portraying the goddess Durga as a woman migrant worker praying for relief with her child in her lap, is now coming up with three unique and innovative themes for three community Pujas in the city.

For Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja in north Kolkata, the issue of women trafficking is being churned out through the theme ‘Chai Na Hote Uma’ (Don’t want to be Uma). “We worship women as our mother and Durga Puja bears testimony to it. But at the same time, we cannot forget the hard reality of women being trafficked and forced into flesh trade. They are lured with false promises and job offers by a section of unscrupulous people. The entire sequence of trafficking will come alive through the theme along with the impression that it is Devi Durga who is freeing them from their sufferings by slaying the demonic forces,” Rintu Das said.

He added that the materials that are being used for decorating the pandal have been chosen in such a manner that each of them will tell a story.

The community Puja of Behala Buroshibtala will depict the homesickness of children who come from districts to the city with their fathers during Durga Puja to earn. Every year, the children of dhakis leave their villages to be in the city during the festival.

“My theme ‘Khoka’ (Child) will give an impression that the heart of these children remains with the Durga Puja hosted in their native village and

their regret for not being able to enjoy it with their friends. The Durga idol reminds them of their mothers whom they miss,” Das said.

He is also churning out the theme ‘Bhanga Gora’ (Build and Break) for Barisha Club in Behala. The hard reality of life that any creation is bound to face destruction is portrayed through the theme. The club authorities refused to elaborate on the theme presently.

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