Being single!

I work in a bank. I’m single and live with my parents. I feel lonely. I feel distressed. Can you please help?
<g data-gr-id="94">Dharmavir</g>, Punjab
Many people honestly believe that they are lonely because they’re single and that their loneliness could go away if they found a relationship. Others believe they’re lonely because it’s something inherent about them. Some can’t differentiate being alone from being lonely. What is this specific feeling you have? Sometimes loneliness is a symptom of a greater problem. If you feel like the entire world just doesn’t get you, you may benefit from seeing a psychologist. Being lonely can be synonymous with depression, though it doesn’t have to be. Either way, seeing a mental professional can help. Just talking to a person about your situation can help. It can give you perspective on what’s normal and what’s not, what you can do in your outside world, and what you can do just by focusing and changing up your routine. Having a support system can make all the difference.

My parents are always fighting. My dad makes bitter sarcastic remarks and my mom is just mean. I want to run away!
Name unknown
Speak with one or both of your parents about how their fighting affects you. It is best you can do this with the two of them present, so they can both know how you feel! During a fight, leave the room if possible. Go into your room, put on your headphones and crank up the stereo if you must. The further away you are from the “line of fire” (verbally speaking) the less likely you’ll be emotionally drained from the experience. Recognize that they are not fighting because of you. This is true even if your name comes into the conversation. In this <g data-gr-id="112">case</g> it has more to do with a disagreement between parenting styles and little to do with any misbehavior on your part. Remember that it was never or now your fault. Stay confident. Don’t let this issue get in the way of how you feel about yourself. Try to say a couple good things about yourself before you go to school or anywhere. Contact any senior family member if you feel there is an imminent threat of danger to anyone in the house.

My child is nine years old and he is still wetting the bed. Can you suggest me how to 
control this? 
Vinita Sukhani, Ludhiana
Reassure your child by being supportive. He isn’t wetting the bed on purpose. Explain that it is very <g data-gr-id="110">common,</g> and that he won’t forever wet the bed. <g data-gr-id="111">Bed-wetting</g> often runs in families. If you or your partner had wet the bed as a child, talk with your child about it. It’ll help him see that people do outgrow it. Many things can lead to bed-wetting. It could be <g data-gr-id="108">slower</g> development of bladder control or heavy sleep, hormonal issues, <g data-gr-id="109">stress</g> and anxiety. Make using the bathroom just before he gets in bed part of his bedtime routine. Also remind him that it’s fine to get up during the night to use the bathroom. He can also seek assistance at night just in case he is afraid of the dark. Be sure to speak with your doctor if this continues. Please relax.

I’m in college. I do have a <g data-gr-id="100">girlfriend</g> but I dream erotic stuff every night. I dream of strippers and whores. Is it abnormal?
Name unknown
Well, the line between normal and abnormal is too thin. What might seem normal to you, might look absurd to others. I suggest, you read some good books for watch some television programs, films before you sleep. Fill your mind with healthy thoughts. Dreams are nothing but the extension of the thoughts we gather. 
Watching constructive things might help your mind to clear eroticism. Everything in life is fine as long as it is in a healthy portion. Don’t bother much about it. If you are seriously 
facing an issue, please consult a psychoanalyst.

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