Bebo’s relaxed after marriage, says Farah

Farah Khan, who has choreographed Kareena Kapoor for Dabangg 2 song Fevicol Se, says the actress seems to be happier after her wedding with Saif Ali Khan.

Farah and Kareena have worked together before, but the former feels their bonding became stronger while shooting for the song.

‘Kareena’s bonding with me became good after the song. She is also relaxed and is in a happier state after marriage. She is hardworking,’ Farah said Tuesday.

She says both Kareena and Salman Khan were very supportive during the shoot.

‘Kareena has put in a lot of effort. She rehearsed a lot for it. In fact, she let me do whatever I wanted for the costumes and look,’ she said.

‘Salman was learning everything in one rehearsal. The shooting of the movie was over and the song was at the end, so everyone was relaxed. It was fun shooting in the end,’ Farah added.

After Kareena’s song Halkat jawaani from Heroine became a hit, Farah wanted to give the actress a completely different look in Fevicol se.

‘Manish Malhotra and I were aware that she did Halkat jawaani a few months before and we wanted to give her a different look. I wanted her to look a little mismatched and I also didn’t give her too much make-up,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor believes she and Aamir Khan are lucky for each other. ‘I think I am lucky for Aamir also and Aamir is also lucky for me,’ the 33-year-old said at the success bash of

It was reported that Kareena’s husband Saif Ali Khan was going to throw a party for the actress, but she says he never planned such a thing.

‘I think that Saif never had a party for Cocktail also, a success party. He is just happy that the movie has done so well. He himself is such a big fan and says that Aamir is a genius and I also always say that,’ she said.

Asked about her plans for the new year, Kareena said: ‘No resolution, there are no plans as such. But I like to travel so I will travel somewhere.’  
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