‘Bang Bang a very difficult film for me’

From shooting in seven different locations across the globe to performing strenuous stunts, Katrina Kaif has done it all in action thriller Bang Bang which the actress says was the most difficult film to work on.

The 31-year-old actress says she has been hard at work for over a year along with the team to bring the Rs 140 crore film to the big screen.

‘Whatever was required in the film I was able to do myself and execute in a manner that was desired. The journey of the film was huge with action sequences, 6 to 7 locations all across the globe. It was a very difficult film for me. We had a very strong team and we did everything we could,’ Katrina said.

Bang Bang also stars Hrithik Roshan, who plays the male lead and has been directed by Siddharth Anand. The Fox Star Studios-produced film is set to hit theatres on 2 October.

Katrina said the look and feel of the film does give out the impression of it being a action movie but Bang Bang blossoms into a love story.

‘What attracted me to the film is that along with action there is a very good storyline behind it. There is action in the film but it is basically a love story,’ she said.

When asked if she was open to play the lead in a female-centric action film, Katrina said since she pulled off stunts in Bang Bang she could do a Tomb Raider or Kill Bill.

‘The stunts that you see in the trailer I have done mostly myself. You know if a good script comes then I would love to do solo action films. I don't think physical challenges scare me provided I have time to train and prepare,’ the actress said. . 'Bang Bang' is an official remake of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starrer Hollywood film 'Knight and Day' but Katrina said the similarity of the two films ends there as Siddharth has given the former a complete Indian feel.

‘It is an official remake so obviously comparisons are inevitable. But having said that I think Siddharth has completely given his own take. It is inspired by the original but not copied same to same. I think he has done a great job to adapt it to suit the Indian audience. People will not feel they are watching the same film,’ Katrina said.

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