Bad hair days connected to confidence?

As if one bad hair day wasn’t enough to ruin a woman’s day, a new study reveals that women spend 20 years of their lives suffering from a bad hair day, and that can affect their mood and confidence.
Findings showed that eight out of 10 women believe their glory, self-worth and beauty lies in their hair, reports

On an average, women wake up with unruly hair at least three times every week. This means that the average British female will have 7,332 bad hair days in a lifetime -- equivalent to 20 years of her life suffering from bad hair.This results in mood swings and leads to their feeling depressed for at least four hours and 26 minutes during the day, and also reduces their confidence.

‘Women feel like entirely different individuals when their hair does not behave. This makes them tired, grumpy and less confident. In contrast, a great hair day makes them feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world,’ says the study. 
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