ATM guards arrested for robbery

By arresting two people, allegedly involved in an ATM robbery in Vasant Kunj, the police has exposed a series of loopholes in the system of employing security guards at ATMs.

Apparently, one of the accused was employed without proper verification, as the agency that helped him get the job, CSS Security Agency, wanted to make quick money. They allegedly took Rs 30,000 from the bank, but paid the accused Rs 8,000 for guarding the ATM 24/7. It was revealed that the agency has more then 5,000 employees in its payroll.

The accused, identified as Uma Kant Tiwari, 26, and Bindesh Yadav, 21, were apprehended from Andheria More and R K Puram respectively. ‘We recovered Rs 14 lakh out of the 16 lakh stolen from the ATM machine,’ said Chhaya Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police [south].

Tiwari alias Tikori alias Deepak, who is a resident of Azamgarh in UP, used to work as a security guard in the Axis Bank ATM, located near APS Colony, Central Base Post Office in Vasant Vihar. He along with associate Yadav, resident of Gondhi in UP, who also used to work as a security guard in a mall in Vasant Kunj, hatched a plan to rob an ATM that was secluded and lonely.

On 9 June, Tiwari managed to get a job as a security guard on a forged Class X certificate, without any verification. Both the accused purchased two new mobile phones and sim cards on fake IDs.

For a week, Tiwari observed the daily activities at the ATM and got to know that on Saturday more cash is being delivered. After a week of observing, the friends decided it was time to strike. Tiwari, along with his friend Yadav, covered the CCTV with black tapes to avoid being identified. With the help of gas cutters and other metal cutting objects they broke the ATM and decamped with Rs 16 lakh.

Although the agency that paved way for Tiwari had no photograph of him, the police managed to get hold of one, thanks to a hidden camera in the same ATM. They also conducted a house to house search at Mohammadpur village where, apparently, most of the guards who work in Delhi take up temporary residences. The police managed to get hold of an acquaintance of the accused as well as the driving licence and three uniforms of different security companies at the garbage dump of his building.

They also allegedly received a secret tip-off that Tiwari was in Delhi to shop for his girlfriend. ‘We were told that he was planning to flee to Nepal with his girlfriend,’ said Chhaya Sharma, DCP South. ‘The robbery was well planned. The accused Umakant Tiwari has supposedly been planning this for about four years,’ she added.
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