At 12, she’s youngest yoga teachers in US

A 12-year-old girl from California has become the youngest female certified yoga instructor in the United States.

Jaysea DeVoe joined the yoga staff at Bergamot Spa in March this year, and since then the tween has attracted a growing following of devotees both at home and from abroad.

Jaysea discovered yoga when she was just 9 and gradually became interested in the meditation, which she practices each morning for 30 minutes to an hour.

‘I love how yoga makes my body feel and my soul. It’s such a spiritual practise where I can meditate, turn the music on and flow through the poses,’ she said.

Jaysea spent 18 months in training with local yogi Lindsay Russo in order to become a registered yoga teacher with the national Yoga Alliance, ‘U-T San Diego’ reported.

Russo recommended her for the 200-hour certification programme at The Soul of Yoga school in Encinitas.

In March, Jaysea completed the five-month programme with her two friends, aged 13 and 15.

Russo said the three girls not only developed yoga skills but also confidence in public speaking and interaction.

‘Her practise embodies the essence of yoga. She’s very focused and not easily distracted and she’s very enthusiastic,’ Russo said about Jaysea.

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