Arya Babbar to play Raavan on small screen

After experiencing the stint in Big Boss this <g data-gr-id="58">season</g> actor Arya <g data-gr-id="59">Babbar</g> is all set to debut as Raavan on the small screen with Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman. He was in Chandigarh to promote his show on Friday.  During this Arya shared about his experience and future project with the Millennium Post.
-About the character of Raavan

Raavan is larger than life character. None of the characters written in the universe is biggest and interesting in comparison to him.

I have always been interested in reading mythology. I come from a family where we were made to read Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Kuran in our childhood. After signing the <g data-gr-id="73">serial</g> I read ‘Agyat Raavan’ and ‘Asura’ to know more about him and came to know <g data-gr-id="72">various</g> truth which many of us are unaware about. The family even used to gather to watch Ramayana and other epics that use to aired when we were growing up.

- Inspired by Arvind Trivedi 

Many actors played the role of Raavan but it was Arvind Trivedi who left the mark and everyone started following him. I am also  inspired by him but  still wanted to be different and even tried to do so.

- Will show Raavan’s better side

We know Raavan as angry bad man and truly had shades of grey in that era  <g data-gr-id="56">but</g> actually he was the gentleman. He had real emotions. I asked director and producer to show his brighter side and they were gracious enough to take my advice.

-Costume and makeup <g data-gr-id="42">was</g> a challenge

Playing such a difficult character with heavy costume has its own challenges, especially if the head-gear is as heavy as <g data-gr-id="69">five-kilos</g>. The prop is clipped to my hair, a process that takes about 45 minutes. But I am enjoying the whole process. A  true actor is defined by the roles he <g data-gr-id="65">play</g> and the challenges 
that he overcomes.

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